TOSCO invites you to be part of a community that cares for Namibia’s wild places. 

TOSCO Trust is a non-profit organization linking the tourism industry to local people, conservation organizations and research. By supporting conservation projects and local people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia’s natural assets.

TOSCO’s mission is to contribute to ensuring that visiting Namibia’s wild places is as enjoyable in the future as it is now. Therefore, TOSCO also engages in promoting responsible tourism in Namibia.

Whether being a concerned individual, traveller or tourism professional, we all have an interest in Namibia’s people, places and wildlife. 

Join us and become part of a community that cares for Namibia’s wild places!



In Namibia people and wildlife, including large animals like lions and elephants, still co-exist in many places. These wild animals, freely roaming Namibia’s scenic landscapes, are a unique tourism asset. But this also often leads to conflicts with people whose livelihoods are negatively affected by wildlife. Following a series of such human/wildlife conflicts, impassioned tourism operators assumed responsibility: they joined forces to contribute to avoiding and mitigating such conflicts in the future – for the benefit of all, the local communities, wildlife and tourism.

TOSCO Trust was founded in 2012 to generate funds to support rural people in their efforts to safeguard the natural resources used by tourism, especially wildlife, on Namibia’s communal lands.

TOSCO also strives to provide a communication platform for the stakeholders, especially the tourism industry, conservation organizations and local people, and to increase awareness for conservation issues and responsible tourism in Namibia.

The funds generated will be used to fund projects approved by the Trust. These projects may vary from year to year depending on the needs identified and funds available. Donors are considered as members and have their say on the programs chosen. We guarantee a transparent use of funds by providing program progress reports and financial accountability.