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Sponsoring research projects: They work on the conservation of flagship species essential to tourism

  1. Desert Lion & Elephant Conservation: 3 satellites collars + 2 years download fees, camera traps, lithium batteries (N$ 93 345)
  2. Kwando Carnivore Project: camera traps  (N$ 10 000)
  3. Desert Elephant conservation: fuel and vehicle maintenance  (N$ 10 000)

Supporting Communal Conservancies: Creating employment and benefits for local communities living with wildlife

  1. Lion officer in Purros in order to anticipate human/lion conflict thus adding value to the lions and generating opportunities for communities + 3 binoculars (N$ 19 826).
  2. Loan for a generator to maintain cattle waterhole to keep livestock away from predators’ areas (N$ 7 500).
  3. Sponsoring winter parkas for the TORRA Rhino rangers team (N$ 12 126).

Creating awareness

  1. Distribute on key areas an information brochure for self drivers in sensitive areas on how travel safely with minimum impact (N$ 3 594).
  2. Organize 2 Desert lions talks and 1 Tosco Talk about Sustainable marine tourism activities (N$ 10 844).
  3. Produce and distribute Responsible travel guidelines for guests

Donations from the US and France can be tax deductible.

One thought on “2013

  1. Felix, its terrific to see the excellent work that you and your team are doing. May Flip, Russell, all the others who are part of TOSCO and yourself remain inspired, optimistic and passionate about protecting and saving Namibia’s wildlife…… May you always continue to make such a positive difference. Fond regards, Craig. Youngleson.

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