Fuel sponsored for field research (9 000N$)


Desert Elephant Conservation promotes the long-term conservation of Namibia’s desert elephant population through research, monitoring, and the sharing of knowledge.

Field mission in November and December 2013:

  • 5 weeks mission dedicated to  keep on surveying the Uniab, Hoanib and Hoarusib elephants population.
  • This survey started in 2005 with the mission of doing a complete inventory with photographic ids, a project started by Keith Leggett in the Uniab in 1999 and maintained by Rob Ramey.
This year was very successful, we got a good identification of the following elephants: 
  • 41 elephants in the Uniab
  • 6 in the Hoarusib (2 breeding females, 3 young, 1 bull)
  • 21 in the Hoanib (15 females with young, 6 males)

Rob roy Ramey

As initiated by TOSCO, we need to build a bridge between different stakeholders in the area, scientists, tourism professionals and local communities to help each other. We want free flow information, an open book with public access.”  Dr Rob Ramey

Full interview available here.



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