3 satellite collars, postcards and camera traps lithium batteries (93 345N$)



The satellite collars provides valuable information about the movements of the prides and thus their behavior. The lions can also be monitored to avoid conflict when they come close to human settlements.

This valuable contribution will therefore be another major boost for the project in that it has enabled the purchase of a 3 new satellite collars as well as pre-paid air time for 2 years. Key lion and lioness posing a potential threat to the livelihood of the farmers will be identified and by attaching this collar, this will hopefully avert the inevitable livestock losses and subsequent elimination of the desert adapted lions as the necessary precautionary steps can be put into place in time to prevent these.” Dr Stander

  •  The first satellite collar provided by TOSCO in 2012 to the Desert Lion Conservation was fitted to Xpl-70 – a lioness of the Okongwe Pride – on 17 Feb 2013.
  • The daily movements of Xpl-70 can be viewed on the Desert Lion website under the Hoanib Pride (along with the movements of “Rosh” Xpl73). This will significantly anticipate local conflict with communities and make a real positive difference on the field.
  • 1 new satellite collar has been delivered by a TV crew in 2013 and 2 more collars are to be delivered early 2014 by TOSCO’s sponsors

Thank you for helping to protect our lions and on a daily basis you can follow the movements of various lion prides and much more by connecting to

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