Windhoek Desert Lion talk – TOSCO talk #1 – World lion day – Adventure Travel World Summit (10 844N$) 

  • TOSCO contributed to organizing and covering the costs for the Desert Lion Conservation Talk in Windhoek on 26 June 2013. The talk was a great success: More than 650 people attended the talk and more than 170.000 N$ were raised for Desert Lion Conservation. Another talk has been held in Swakopmund – 2 356N$

Desert Lion Talk WDH

  • Promotion of World Lion Day with Wilderness Safaris, see our competition post.
  • TOSCO Talk #1 19 February 2012: Informal meeting and conference adressed to the public and the tourism industry by Russell Vinjevold from IRDNC about the hunting quotas and main challenges faced by the Namibian communal conservancies.
  • TOSCO Talk #2 29 January 2014: about responsible marine tourism practice.

2014_0129_Marine Wildlife-Watching Tourism in Namibia_Ruth Leeny

  • TOSCO stand at Adventure Travel World Summit 2013 in Swakopmund and large banner for future exhibition– 2 479N$




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