Dear travel community,

Thank you all for your support in 2012! Already in its first year TOSCO has been able to make a notable difference for conservation projects, as you can see in the progress report. Please also check this updated website.

Please find below:

  1. progress report 2012, containing the projects sponsored in 2012 and transparent financial reporting
  2. Brochure 2013
  3. Responsible travel guideliness
  4. 2013 Professional & Individual membership



This year, we’ll ask our members to commit themselves to “responsible travel guidelines”, to be returned completed with the renewal membership application. Tourism depends on the environment that it operates within and on good relationships with local communities. Benefits from tourism should also reach local communities whose assets, e. g. wildlife, are used by tourism. Therefore, TOSCO feels that as visitors we have a responsibility towards the places and people we visit. This is why we endeavour to introduce responsibility values and guidelines for TOSCO membership.

Please keep in mind that this is only a humble first step towards responsible tourism practices addressed to operators, experienced and inexperienced guides, self drivers… A large target that we need to embrace in totality. They are dynamic and require the inputs you may find necessary. TOSCO is a vehicle for responsible travel and the experience of will assist in reaching that goal..

We aim to be a driving force for responsible travel in Namibia, especially on communal lands. This has been presented to WWF and NACSO. The Adventure Travel World Summit in October this year will give TOSCO a platform for promoting our responsible travel values and actions and thus adding value to our members’ profile.


For 2013, TOSCO has selected new projects to sponsor in cooperation with conservation organizations, like Desert Lion Conservation, IRDNC and local communities: programs 2013.

In TOSCO’s first year, already 15 tour operators have joined TOSCO, thus showing a lot of concern for Namibia’s wild places. Thank you. The members’ benefits have also been enhanced, as detailed in the brochure.

  1. our ability to act quickly to situations that require urgent attention, e. g. the lionproof kraal at Slangpos, the loan of a generator etc…
  2. our very pragmatic programs that make a real difference in the field
  3. the fact that TOSCO Trust’s donors are considered to be members who can participate in project selection (you are welcome to make suggestions)
  4. the very transparent, use of funds e. g. through the progress report and funds management table

In 2013 we need your support more than before, especially with the drought exacerbating conflicts around waterholes.

You can renew your membership by returning the attached form (Professional or Individual).

A get together sundowner is in preparation for June to celebrate the first successful year and present the new one! TOSCO’s team is also getting bigger and it will be the opportunity to meet everyone. We hope to see you there!

Yours in conservation,



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