1 female satellite collar and 5 camera traps sponsored

  • Shortly after the tragic event in Puros which led to the demise of the remaining Hoaruseb lion pride, we thought that in order to prevent similar future events. It became clear that the provision of suitable radio and satellite collars would play a vital role to better understand lion behavior.


  • The satellite collars could also play a role as an early warning system for the farmers and herdsmen in areas that were prone to human-predator conflict as a result of lions killing livestock as a source of food. The decision to consider Africa Wildlife Tracking as a local supplier of collars also seems to have greater benefits in that the products appear to be reliable, they are more economical and with an already closely established association between the manufacturers and Dr Stander, the products can be maintained and adjusted to suit the required needs according to the different circumstances.
  • This generous contributionĀ  will therefore be another major boost for the project in that it has enabled the purchase of a new satellite collar as well as pre-paid air time for 2 years. Dr Stander will identify an appropriate lioness posing a potential threat to the livelihood of the farmers and by attaching your collar, this will hopefully avert the inevitable livestock losses and subsequent elimination of the desert adapted lions as the necessary precautionary steps can be put into place in time to prevent these.

sat collar and cam traps del

Thank you for helping to protect our lions.

You can follow the movements of various lion prides on a daily basis and much more by connecting to


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