“Major challenges like biodiversity conservation outside of National parks have to be taken up by the current generations; especially the fight against loss of habitat and poaching…

Everyone should take their responsibilities in this fight including the tourism industry who clearly has a major role to play.

But so far, we are not winning and much more needs to be done if we are to secure a safer and healthy world for us and the next generation.

TOSCO has decided to be up to the challenge in the name of tourism and make a difference for the good of the Namibian’s natural resources and its people“.

TOSCO team

Read and download our activity report for 2016 by clicking here.

TOSCO funds 2016

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  1. Hi I am so enterested to here the Report from TOSCO of 2016 and I think if we want to winn the Human wildlife Conflict especially the fight between Community and the Lion we need to work together with the entire Community for more workshop ,awareness and for the
    ,monitoring system it need to be relook into again to fit the current situation
    thanks from Leon Lkasupi

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