TOSCO and ELOOLO offers you the opportunity to travel clean by planting trees in order to offset your vehicle’s direct carbon emissions:

  • 3 000km trips trough Namibia on average
  • Large/long 4×4 (18l diesel/100km) = 5 trees
  • SUV/4×4 (14l/100km) = 4 trees
  • 40 seater bus (30l/100km) = 10 trees
  • Quantum mini bus (18l/100km) = 5 trees

Technical data for calculations:

  • 1 tree can absorb ca 22kg CO2 on average per life time*
  • 1l of diesel = 2 640g CO2
  • 1 tree cost NAD 450.00 (incl. service: growing, planting, maintenance)

Eloolo will run the offsetting operations including developing and maintaining an online CO2 calculator, grow trees for planting (offsetting) as well as planting and maintenance of trees.

  • Eloolo will initially source the trees and grow their own at a later stage.
  • Eloolo will plan, plant and care for the trees. All trees will be planted as part of a Permaculture system including food forest/gardens and reforesting etc
  • Eloolo together with TOSCO will develop additional offsetting options and services such as: rocket stoves and community programs (eg tree planting).

Some examples:

  • TOSCO and/or Eloolo identified sites & community
  • Schools
  • Reforesting, community forests etc
  • Agro forestry
  • Renewable energy projects eg solar, wind, biogas
  • Rocket stoves
  • Trees: local/indigenous as well as non-indigenous eg fruit trees


More info with Eloolo and TOSCO 

The Tree nursery situated in at Dagbreek Windhoek school can be visited upon appointment:

C/o John Ludwig & Hebenstreit Strasse

P O Box 11023, Klein-Windhoek, NAMIBIA

Tel:  +264 61 227901 Fax: +264 61 250384

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