Fundraising for the 72 hours Kunene Annual Full-Moon Counts.

IMG_5845.JPGTourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO Trust) its currently looking sponsors to contributed the 72 hours Kunene Annual Full-Moon Counts.

This event is being organized and partly funded by the Natural Resources Working Group (NRWG) a collaboration between NACSO members and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The main count will take place around the 22 to 25 September.

The annual full moon counts is a really useful/essential tool for wildlife management in Kunene Region. The count is for all species, livestock and people are recorded and this information contributes significantly to the knowledge of decision makers.

The planned expansion will now cover some 18 key water points in 7 different conservancies. This covers a massive area from just west of the Etosha National Park north to the Kunene River.

The logistical arrangements are huge, with food, transport, equipment, in some cases hides and forms being organized. Natural Resources Working Group (NRWG) is contributing with N$80 000 which will help to cover the costs of food and distribution.

But IRDNC still need funds to help cover the fuel, transport and printing costs. They have estimate a needed N$20 000 to assist with the process.

If you want to contributed to this count and enjoy the feeling of being part of a community that cares for Namibian’s wild places, contact us :

As if this feeling it was not enough, we are offering the opportunity to join them on the field for the count.

If you want to be part of this adventure please contact us

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