Wildlife Conservation in Namibia Art-Exhibition

 “Earth has lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, only when the last of the animal’s horns, tusks, skin and bones are sold, we will realize that money can never buy our wildlife” WWF.

TOSCO’s aim and vision is to make sure Namibia never gets to that stage, by supporting conservation projects and local people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia’s natural assets.

Spreading the conservation message and making a difference in our society.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” Thread less artist Mathiole. The 29THof October marked the first Wildlife Conservation in Namibia Art-Exhibition by the Tourism Supporting Conservation Organization (TOSCO Trust). The EXPOwas a complete success in creating awareness on Namibian spectacular wildlife, the challenges of living with wildlife and the role of the tourism in the mitigation of these conflicts.

About 500 people visited the exhibition including Ministers, Diplomates, local authorities, TOSCO members, TOSCO supporters, artist, tourists, friends and many more. There was a satisfying turnout of people as well for the kids workshop, Vanishing king outdoor screening and the Craft Market. All different activities with only one goal, to create awareness about wildlife in Namibia. A complete success.


The Exhibition

The first day kicked off with the openingceremony and astounding speeches by Mr. John Kasona the Head of Integrated, Rural, Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), Mr. Jérôme Kohl Director of Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC), Daniel Zambranofrom TOSCO Trust and Donovan Wagner from Eloolo Permaculture and Clean Travel Program.

Mr. Kasona reminded everyone of how important conservation is and why Namibia has the potential and ability to do more. Donovan from Eloolo Permaculture went on to mention why trees and plants play a major role in the Tourism andConservation industry of the country. Eloolo donated a tree to FNCC which was planted on the very same day, in the presents of Mr. Kasona, Daniel Zambrano, Ina Maria, the FNCC director Mr. Kohl, the cultural officer Diana Abankwah, Denise Crause and Quentin De Jager from the Cheetah Conservation Funds,.The tree represents the support and movement of Namibian organizations and schools coming together to help lessen the impact of us as a nation on global warming.


The Film

Following the successful opening,TOSCO Trustorganized an Outdoor Cinema on the 31stof October at the Franco Namibia Culture Centre where the 1stEdition of the Vanishing Kings, The Lions of Namib Desert was screened. It was a huge success for TOSCO, receiving  between 100tourists and local people both adults and kids for the screening .


Team Tomorrow: The Workshop

Children are our most valuable resource, they are also great imitators. This is what inspired the Kids workshop day on the 2ndof November. TOSCO took the opportunity to give kids something great to imitate with the help of Donovan, Ina Maria, Nora(surname),David Hamukoto, Lara Hollande and some other volunteerswho did an amazing job with the Kids. They volunteered their precious time to be with these kids who came from Havana Katutura and teach them on topics like wildlife, art and some hands-on work on how to grow their own food. The kids where enthusiastic and eager to learn more, so much that they were so excited to go home and start on their own gardens.


The Craft Market

Another successful day for TOSCO, the last event of the expo took place the following day the 3rd of November after the kids’ workshop. TOSCO created a platform yet again for artists to showcase and sell their different colorful crafts. It’s amazing how one can create a realistic lion, oryx, elephant out of wire or beads, nails and even clay.


Conservation of wildlife is important to secure the future of our planet’s biodiversity and for the sake of our own future generationssothat they live and grow up knowing how precious wildlife is, sothey can experience the thrill of seeing the animals in reality and not on paper, in pictures or televised animals.Tourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO Trust) is leading the way by working alongside all responsible tourism companies, guides, local communities, conservation partners and travelers who support conservation in Namibia to ensure that visiting Namibia’s wild places remain as enjoyable in the future as it is now.

By Vanessa Chidembo



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