Conservation Workshop; Introduction to growing food and trees

As we become more environmentally conscious and take responsibility of the effect we have on the environment, we also realize that we have a deep responsibility toward nature, our collective planet, and future generations to come. That’s one of the reason TOSCO Trust is developing these “Conservation Workshops“. In this opportunity, we bring to our community, a very special workshop. Introduction to growing food and trees in partnership with Eloolo Permaculture Initiative

Date: Saturday 07 of September 2019

Time: From 8h30 to 13h00

Place: Dagbreek SchoolJohn Ludwig &, Hebenstreit Street, Windhoek

Price: 500NAD

Book in advance:

Course content:

Intro – What is Permaculture and why in context with growing food and trees.
Growing food – Namibia specific and dryland basics Practical – getting your hands dirty!

This workshop guarantee funds to the organization, for them to continue with the great job they are doing and at the same time, grants support training with a strong hands-on learning component that will help you to understand Eloolo Permaculture Initiative better.

Eloolo Permaculture Initiative

“Is a group of young environmentalist and activists engaged in education, research, consultation, implementation of food systems and associated Permaculture projects.

 We endeavours to improve human ecosystems to become healthy and abundant, guided by our ethics of care for the people, care for the earth and fair share. Its the country’s first and only Permaculture NGO.

Our vision is for people to live in healthy communities based onresilient food systems.

Eloolo’ means ‘abundance’ in Oshivambo

One thought on “Conservation Workshop; Introduction to growing food and trees

  1. Hello I am interested on this half day training and would like know which of food will be discussed in the topic.

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