Successful Clean up Challenge

Equipped with bags, gloves, mask and a strong sense of purpose, around 4,000 kids from 42 different schools across Namibia, helped clean up their surroundings, streets, bush and beaches as part of the 2019 National Clean up Campaign between 16 to the 21 of September. 

The volunteers included kids, adolescents, teachers and parents – all of them gave their time to clear rubbish and raise awareness as part of the National Clean up and Anti-Littering Campaign that Honorable Pohamba Shifeta officially announced and declared last year to be held on the 21st of September 2019.

Successful 2019 Before / After Clean up Challenge for schools in Namibia

The Clean Up Campaign was aimed at changing the mindsets regarding pollution and littering of  all Namibian citizens. The Before and After clean up challenge was aimed to involve and encourange schools across the country to take part of this extraordinary campaign. Taking the kids outside to clean up their surroundings. Promoted a powerful message, namely; “Our trash, our responsability” and that “Namibia is not a trash can” at the same time.

The kids are the future of this Nation, therefore they play a key role to improve and adopt the best waste management practices through reducing, re-using and recycling. Kids need to be sensitized to this problem.

How it worked? 

The different organisations got together to organise the National Clean up challenge, and with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture, invitations were sent to all schools, to participate in this challenge. Schools needed to register and select the area(s) for cleaning. They sent us pictures before, during and after the clean up challenge, as well as the number of bags collected. The waste collection companies then picked up their bags from the respective schools. Based on the photographic submissions, MET, RNF, PAKO and TOSCO selected the winner schools.

  • 42 schools registers.
  • 4000 kids involved.
  • 12 Participanting regions. 
  • 2500 transparent bags distributed.
  • 600 gloves distributed.
  • 600 mask distributed.
  • 2000 Clean up brochures distributed.
  • 2000 Pako Kids Magazine distributed.
  • 2000 car garbage bags distributed.
  • 48 boxes “trash can” distributed.
  • 5000 bags of waste collected by the schools.
  • 6 winning schools.

The Before / After Clean up Challenge for schools in Namibia was a joint venture by two organisations, Tourism supporting Conservation (TOSCO Trust) and Pako Kids Magazine with the endorsement of the Ministry of Enviorement and Tourism (MET) and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

“When we started with the whole idea of hosting this event we did not expect to have some many schools and kids involved from all across Namibia taking part. Its been a very nice surprise.” Says Daniel Zambrano, the communication officer from TOSCO and one of the persons organising the event.


This challenge wouldn’t be possible without the support and collaboration of the following companies and organisations: Plastic PackagingRecycle Namibia Forum, Rent-A-Drum, Cytmot, First National Bank (FNB), Erongo Drum cc, Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

“I would like to thank, those who played a key role in making this event a reality, notably Mighty from TOSCO and Petra from PAKO, who were the driving forces behind the project” continues Daniel ZAMBRANO

Caroline from Plastic Packaging, Melba and Romeo from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Anita from Recycle Namibia Forum and Jacob from Rent-A-Drum, were also acknowledged for their inputs. ” Thank you very much for your support. It’s a pleasure to work with such passionate people like all of you. 

The winning schools

“To choose the winner was so challenging “, says Petra Scheuerman, PAKO Kids Magazine’s Director. “All of them were amazing. They went outside their schools and collected so much garbage! It was a great team effort done by all the kids, teachers and volunteers. At the beginning we wanted to send a “Certificate of Participation” to all schools and “reward” only the 3 top schools  that collected the most garbage bags. But then, after witnessing the effort done by these kids, we decided to reward a total of 6 schools – more than 300 learners, volunteers and teachers. “

Petra From PAKO Kids Magazine

Top 6 Schools

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund from Otjiwarongo region.
  • Shalom Primary School from Otavi.
  • Mount View from Windhoek.
  • Okorosave Primary School from Opuwo.
  • Maarseen primary School from Outjo.
  • Ambrousius from Swakopmund. 
All the winning schools will receive a “Certificate of Participation” signed by Honorable Pohamba Shifeta plus an individual prize. ALL LEANERS, VOLUNTEERS AND TEACHERS WILL RECEIVED reusable WATER BOTTES AND REUSABLE BAGS SPONSORED BY THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

With almost 300 learners and volunteers the learners collected almost 3000 bags of refuse.

The winning school will receive 1000NAD sponsored by First Nation Bank (FNB Namibia)

Shalom Primary School from Otavi

With about 180 learners Shalom Primary School collected around 200 bags.

The school will receive 1000NAD sponsored by Tourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO Trust)

Mount View from Windhoek

With about 50 students Mount View school collected around 100 bags.

The school will enjoy a Windhoek city tour focusing on the cultural heritage in Namibia

Okorosave Primary School from Opuwo

The learners will received reusable water bottle and reusable bags sponsored by the MET and some TOSCO goodies

+ 1 year Pako Kids Magazine subscription for 50 kids

Ambrousius from Swakopmund 

The learners will received reusable water bottle and reusable bags sponsored by the MET and some TOSCO goodies

+ 1 year Pako Kids Magazine subscription for 50 kids

Maarseen primary School from Outjo

The learners will received reusable water bottle and reusable bags sponsored by the MET and some TOSCO goodies

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