Clean-up day – campaign for tour operators, guides and everyone interested in Namibia

Tourism is everybody’s business – and as such everyone plays a role in determining the success of this industry. At the same time, the success of tourism depends heavily on the pristine, beautiful and well conserved environment, one of the strongest pillars on which the tourism product is marketed and sold.

A call has been made upon us to join hands in cleaning Namibia on this 25th of May.

We encourage all tourism service providers, operators, tour guides, and even the traveling tourists on buses to lend a hand to this cause, by simply “picking up where you are”.

We will provide bags, gloves and a laminated map with drop-off points all over Namibia.

The guide and operator who picks up the most waste on that day, counted in number of bags filled up (picture of themselves with the bags as evidence) wins a nice prize which will be sponsored by Bushwhackers giving out at the Namibia Tourism Expo 2018.

We challenge everyone to share their photos! #itsup2us #itsup2namibia

For more information visit the Facebook event and check out the interactive map of the waste drop-off points for the Namibia Cleaning day:

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