To Tosco Trust

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Tosco Trust for the support offered to conservation in Namibia’s north- west. Although a “young” organization, Tosco has already most certainly made a difference.

The support of the lion guardian initiative in particular needs to be highlighted. The contribution to monthly salary for guardian and the substantial equipment purchased allowed this urgent remedial action to be implemented extremely quickly. This in turn has contributed to greater tolerance and understanding by communities, a significant achievement indeed.

One of Tosco’s strengths must be the speed with which it responds to issues and requests! Requests for assistance to funding organizations are often bogged down by bureaucracy and time consuming red tape, which tends to dilute the effect of responses at grass roots levels. Tosco is refreshingly unencumbered by such problems.

Congratulations and thank you for your committed support.

Yours in conservation, 

Trustees: Clara Bohitile, Andrew Corbett, Dr Margaret Jacobsohn, Brian Jones, Leonard le Roux, Garth Owen-Smith, Gideon Shilongo

  • IRDNC Windhoek: 3 nd Floor, Office Block, Maerua Mall PO Box 24050, Windhoek Tel (+264 61) 228506/9 Fax (+264 61) 228530 E-mail:
  • IRDNC Kunene: Wêreldsend Environmental Centre PO Box 24050, Windhoek Tel (+264 67) 697055 Fax (+264 67) 697054


  • IRDNC Caprivi: Private Bag 1050, Ngweze Tel (+264 66) 252108 Fax (+264 66) 252518 E-mail:





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