Travel Clean

TOSCO and ELOOLO offers you the opportunity to travel clean by planting trees in order to offset your vehicle’s direct carbon emissions.

As we all are becoming more environmentally conscience and realize the effect we have on the environment we also realize that we have a responsibility towards nature and others.

Tourism is responsible for around 8% of the total global CO2 emissions!

The good news is that trees can clean up after us, as long as we plant more of them. Through planting trees, we can offset our carbon emissionsand help lessen the impact of the tourism industry on global warming.

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Two weeks ago the successful movie premiere of the Vanishing Kings 2 and the launch of the “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert” book were held in Windhoek.

The Desert Lion Conservation and TOSCO decided to do a raffle in which you can win one out of three Lion Canvas. Continue reading “DESERT LION CANVAS RAFFLE”


TASA Donates Towards Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation in partnership with Tourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO), Desert lion Conservation (DLC) and IRDNC.

The Tour and Safari Association (TASA) of Namibia announced its support to the Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) Response Programme through its Lion Response Team, at a meeting held in the capital last week. Continue reading “LION RESPONSE UNIT”