TOSCO and ELOOLO offers you the opportunity to travel clean by planting trees in order to offset your vehicle’s direct carbon emissions.

For an average of a 3 000km trip trough Namibia:

  • SUV/4×4 (14l/100km) = 3 trees
  • Quantum mini bus (18l/100km) = 4 trees
  • Large/long 4×4 (18l diesel/100km) = 4 trees
  • 40 seater bus (30l/100km) = 7 trees

Technical data for calculations:

  • 1 tree can absorb ca 100kgs of Carbon per midian life span)
  • 1l of diesel = 2640g CO2 (720g Carbon, 1920g Oxygen)
  • 1 tree cost NAD450.00 (incl. service: growing, planting, life time maintenance)

(*We estimate an approximate of 100kgs of Carbon sequestration per (indigenous) tree assuming a median life span – values from Food and Trees for Africa)

Basic calculation: 18l Diesel/100 x 3000km trip = 540l Diesel x 720g Carbon = 388,8kg Carbon /100kg Carbon sequestration/tree = 3,8 trees = 4 trees

(We are working towards reducing the price per tree. Currently we have to buy stock (trees) from commercial nurseries to supplement our operations for three years till our own trees/saplings are big and strong enough to be transplanted with a god chance of survival in our harsh Namibian environment. )

Eloolo will run the offsetting operations including developing and maintaining an online CO2 calculator, grow trees for planting (offsetting) as well as planting and maintenance of trees. TOSCO will fund the garden set up.

  • Eloolo will initially source the trees and grow their own at a later stage.
  • Eloolo will plan, plant and care for the trees. All trees will be planted as part of a Permaculture system including food forest/gardens and reforesting etc
  • Eloolo together with TOSCO will develop additional offsetting options and services such as: rocket stoves and community programs (eg tree planting).

Some examples:

  • TOSCO and/or Eloolo identified sites & community
  • Schools
  • Reforesting, community forests etc
  • Agro forestry
  • Renewable energy projects eg solar, wind, biogas
  • Rocket stoves
  • Trees: local/indigenous as well as non-indigenous eg fruit trees




More info with Eloolo and TOSCO 

The Tree nursery situated in at Dagbreek Windhoek school can be visited upon appointment:

C/o John Ludwig & Hebenstreit Strasse

P O Box 11023, Klein-Windhoek, NAMIBIA

Tel:  +264 61 227901 Fax: +264 61 250384