The course to be hosted by TOSCO Trust will deal with key identification characteristics, biology, myths and first aid of Namibia’s most common snakes. 

The workshop is an opportunity for the general public to learn more about these fascinating reptiles that often come into conflict with humans. 

At TOSCO Trust, we believe that only knowledge can transform fear into understanding and respect. With this type of workshop, we aim to create awareness among the public and at sharing information and experiences in order to reduce the human/snakes conflicts.

TOSCO Trust Conservation Workshop #3


Stéphane LAGNEAU; SCAN member and freelance tour guide in Namibia.

Félix VALLAT; TOSCO Trust chairman and SCAN member 

When & Where?

Thursday 20thof June 2019 

Time: 09h-16h00 (lunch break from 12h00 to 13h30) 

19 Lossen St. Conservancy building – Windhoek Namibia. TOSCO Trust office. 

NACSO boardroom.

Who can attend?

Anybody over the age of 18 who has a keen interest in learning more about snakes in Namibia. 

Terms and conditions of  the Namibian Snakes Workshop

A minimum of 8 participants is necessary for the course to run.

Book now until 14thof June 

Email: com@tosco.orgor

Price does not include meals. 

Water, coffee and tea will be served.  

Are you a 2019 TOSCO Trust Leopard or Lion member?

If your company is a Leopard or Lion member, TOSCO Trust could sponsor the full cost of the workshop for 1 of your team members.  Contact us for more information.

T&Cs apply

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