Education is amongst the most powerful tools to shape the future of humanity and the planet. Knowledge and learning are key to address the conservation challenges of today.


At TOSCO, we believe that a deeper understanding of nature and its importance cultivates the respect and appreciation with which people will look after it. This involves tourism business leaders, tour guides and travellers as well as community members, rangers and the Namibian youth. Our Education projects focus on raising awareness on responsible travel, as well as on capacity development for doing conservation work.



Awareness building on responsible travel to ensure environmental protection

Placing tourism signboards, distributing responsible tourism brochures and hosting conservation workshops for tour operators and guides.

Reduce negative impact of tourism activities on the environment and wildlife.

Capacity building within communal conservancies for the conservation of iconic species

Providing tourism support to capacitate local communities to conserve iconic species that are essential for the tourism experience.

Organising training for Community Game Guards and Rangers on the biology and conservation of iconic species.