The Namibian Dolphin Project

It is a research and conservation project run by the Sea Search Research and Conservation NPO and conducting work throughout Namibia. Since 2008, its mission has been to doresearch on whales and dolphins in Namibian waters with the aim of generating high quality data that is useful to both science and management. 


NDP Partners

The NDP works closely with other local NGO’s, the marine tourism industry and the Namibian government and through their Community Outreach Programme.  NDP also works with schools and communities to create awareness on the Namibia’s rich and unique marine wildlife and to bring the oceans to the people. 

TOSCO Trust Input

For the past few years, TOSCO Trust has been supporting this amazing project and in 2018 N$ 20 000 were sponsored for the Marine Environmental Office, which serves to receive visitors and students from local schools and universities. 

Fundraising for the NDP’s new vehicle.

This year, TOSCO Trust wishes to support the NamibianDolphin Project to buy their new vehicle which is absolutely necessary for them to keep doing the excellent job they are doing. 

In this regard, TOSCO Trust is hosting a fundraising campaign, in which we already participated with a donation of N$10 000. We invite all of you to partake in supporting this good case and support it by whatever amount you can to participate with so that this great project can continue with the project efficiently and effectively.    

The necessity of a new vehicle.            

A reliable 4×4 is central to the project to be able to get the strandings and rescues of whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife as well as launch our research, boats, attend meetings, get to education events etc.  To to date, the project has used two vehicles which one is Simon Elwen’s personal vehicle, a Mitsubishi Colt, which was essentially donated to the project but gradually succumbed to rust.

In 2016, the project managed to replace it with a second hand Nissan Hardbody – which was bought, thanks to a large donation from Hit Radio and their listeners and some existing savings. Unfortunately, it was never an ideal car being a little too old and the hard work it’s been made to do is rapidly catching up with it and it’s barely hanging together making trips out of town or along the beaches to rather risky.

Why support the Namibian Dolphin Project?

The Namibian Dolphin Project is doing good progress on the Marine Mammals and needs a hand in transportation during research and projects. Marine mammals are catalytic species, thus, knowledge of areas that are important for them will facilitate the balancing of human uses of the sea with the imperative of conserving marine biodiversity. Therefore, the need for donations for the NDP project to prolong it for the benefit of both the Marine mammals, humans and the environment.

For further information, please do contact the following:
Mighty Ugwanga – 0817534016 or via email –

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