How We Work

How we work

With funds from memberships of our tourism partners, we organize our own projects and support existing projects of our established conservation partners. Organisations can also apply for support from TOSCO for their projects. TOSCO is valued amongst conservation partners for its low administrational barriers and ad hoc assistance, because what we support is not costly, yet it is essential for the project’s continuity. At the same time, we always strive for transparency and accountability towards our tourism members.

We organize and finance projects that align with our goals, and which, with a relatively low investment, have a significant impact on conservation. We support with material (e.g. construction material for lion-proof kraals, ranger uniforms and equipment), through capacity building (e.g. organizing workshops and educational programs, training university students in the field of tourism and conservation), with logistics (e.g. organizing transport for a game count or assisting conservation partners to organize a workshop) and financially (e.g. prompt assistance for fuel money, reparation costs for patrol – or research vehicles).