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  • Research findings indicate that the lions move between the Huab and Springbok Rivers, and possibly as far south as the Ugab River. The lions have not yet identified with the “stable” food source of the livestock (e.g. becoming habitual “problem lions”). But, if something is not done soon to protect the livestock from the lions and they continue killing livestock, the lions will become habitual livestock killers.


  • In the Huab River, Torra Conservancy, an opportunity has presented itself for a novel approach to address all the above mentioned points in an effort to solve a HLC problem, save the lions from being shot and promote the tourism value of lions.


  • Part of this approach is the necessity of building a lion proof kraal to protect the cattle that TOSCO has organized

Kraal material del

  • This is not a standard approach that has been tried and tested. It is a novel idea to address a Human Wildlife Conflict problem by involving all the interested parties: the local community, the tourism industry and a local research project.

 If it succeeds the program could potentially become a blue-print that can be implemented elsewhere in the Kunene Region.



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