This is immensely frustrating:

Many organisations in Namibia, including TOSCO, try to limit the damage caused by reckless off-road driving. With our limited resources we try to make visitors aware of the devastation that can be created by this. And then, Stratstone Mercedes (probably other companies as well) films an ad and flattens it all. This ad is seen by thousands of people…! The message this ad sends out is that you can do anything you want when driving off-road, no matter what you destroy and what you leave for others, just have fun. But: It takes ages for the landscape to heal from such attacks, not to speak of all the small beings that get run over by such reckless driving. If everybody started acting like that… Off-road driving can also be enjoyed responsibly, e. g. by staying on existing tracks, being sensible to the environment and only drive where it is allowed and does not create damage.

If you disagree with the message of this ad you can write to  Mercedes Stratstone:, twitter @StratstoneMerc and Daimler (their mother company) or leave a comment on YouTube below the ad.


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