From : Bertus Tjipombo PUROS LION RANGER

Sent: 29/05/2016


Subject: lion report

Dear TOSCO team, hope you are well, the five male lions causing lots of problems at Tomakas between April and May 2016, where they killed 3 donkeys and 2 cows. Me with the help of Dr Flip Stander plus MET Opuwo and local member trying to chase them using crackles at night but it did not work.

On 23/05/2016 lions killed one old giraffe close to Tomakas village. The community of Tomakas complain a lot of problems caused by the lions. Currently they are still there but we have shortage of transport to save both livestock and lions, because transport only come for 3 days and within 5 days no transport for us the chase lions at night, without cars is a bit of a problem.

For your information, Desert Lion Conservation and Dr Stander will now employ Rodney on a full time basis who will be based where the Human/Lion conflict occur to try reducing it. We all hope it will help and we’ll ask TOSCO the favor to equip him with field materials like tent, bedroll, bag, light and solar kit top charge his satellite phone to phone Flip for assistance when there is lions problems.

Looking forward any information you want to share with us, have a great day ahead to you!

Puros Lion ranger,


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