If you are a professional sponsor, joining TOSCO Trust can make your business more attractive for tourists and more sustainable on the long run by protecting what you rely on: Namibian natural resources.

Your benefits:

  • Receive first hand information on conservation and responsible tourism (including talks by conservationists)
  • Improve your experience in the field by developing closer relationship with local people
  • As a TOSCO sponsor associated researchers will give you some privileged time when your tour vehicle marked by a TOSCO sticker meets them in the field. You and your guests can benefit from their knowledge.
  • Enhance your image – most tourists do not want to harm the destination theyare visiting and prefer responsible operators. Be joining TOSCO and adhering to our  responsible travel guidelines you can show your responsibility.

If you are an individual supporter, joining TOSCO will give you the opportunity to support and connect with conservation organisations and communities living with wildlife in Namibia.

Cooperating with local communities enhances the tourism experience for the operator, guests and individual travellers. Recognition of rural people’s efforts to safeguard the natural resources used by tourism makes better place to live in for them, which leads to better place to visit for us.

As a sponsor donating 1 500 N$ or more, you will  receive a TOSCO sticker, e.g. for vehicles, that will make you recognizable as a member. The sticker will identify you as a TOSCO sponsor and thus as dedicated to responsible tourism.

 We invite you to share your views and provide inputs on the values, aims and activities of TOSCO Trust.

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