TOSCO Trust Reusable water bottles – 100 NAD

TOSCO Reusable Water bottles

Every year more than 50 millions of plastic water bottles are used by tourists in Namibia. Unfortunately, less than 20% of them get recycled. By drinking from this reusable bottle, you do not only reduce pollution but also support Namibian conservation programs


TOSCO Trust Caps – 100 NAD


Protect yourself from the Namibian sun with style and at the same time you will be supporting Namibian Conservation Programs.


TOSCO Trust Buffs – 90 NAD


Buff or tubular scarves!! Multifunctional use 🌞⛈️🌜 superb quality, Hi-Tec materials and astonishing designs. Get yours!!! 


The book, ‘Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert – 700 NAD

Vanishing Kings Lions – The book

Illustrated with over 300 astonishing images of Desert lions and other desert-adapted animals that survive in the Namib, this book is an account of one of the most remarkable research projects ever undertaken. Is the culmination of two decades of research by Dr Philip Stander, which provides unprecedented insight into how lions have adapted to the harsh desert environment


DVD 1 & 2: Vanishing Kings Lions of the Namib Desert – 350NAD

Vanishing Kings Lions DVD 1&2

For the first time ever in this harsh and extreme landscape, observe over an extended period the secret lives of true desert lions living in the ancient Namib Desert around Africa’s Skeleton Coast Park. Scientist, Dr. Philip Stander, has studied the small population of desert lions for nearly two decades and monitors this significant pride closely. The film has received major recognition throughout the world and has won numerous awards. It has also been nominated for a prestigious Emmy-award. The film has been shown on many international tv-channels, including ORF, Arte, Smithsonian Channel, and National Geographic.


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