Mount View school goes on a city tour

Mountain View Secondary School recently won the 3rd prize in a national before/after clean up challenge aimed at involving and encouraging schools to partake in the national clean up challenge.   Part of the winning package included a city tour to celebrate cultural heritage. 

Namibia is a land with a lot of cultural heritage and its center is Windhoek which holds the heart to most of the historic events information and monuments. The tour gave learners a chance to witness the culture heritage and understand the city’s historical background was great idea, this gives them pride in their country and an understanding on the role they can play to keep the the city clean as this will help to preserve the historic heritage.

City Tour Points

Heroes’ Acre  

The trip started off at the Heroes Acre which is an official war memorial of the Republic of Namibia. The tour guide gave the learners a brief history about how it came to be and why it is important.  Shared a brief knowledge on where the departed Namibian heroes and heroines are honored and remembered.  The learners of Mount View high showed high interest and engaged a lot with the tour guides.  The guides that facilitated this tour on this juncture were Timoteus Nuugulu and Sakeus Kadhikwa

Parliament of Namibia  

The second stop was the National Parliament which is the law-making body of Namibia’s legislature. The learners got a brief lesson on what the parliament is and what it represents by David. He was very keen on making sure that the learners understood what the role of parliament as the Legislator arm of Government and how it works before they got the tour of the parliament 

At lunch hour you could see how glad the students of Mount View were as they now understand where most laws in Namibia are made. 

National Museum 

The third stop was the National museum where you can get an excellent display of Namibia’s independence it provides with some educational context of the struggle to independence.   The learners delightfully walked through the museum as they were guided and received education information as they watched the historical artifacts and pictures, you could see the excitement in some students as they could relate their history class taught to them in school. 


The trip was overall educational including the learners final stop which was at EDUVENTURES, located at the National Museum. Eduventure aim is to educate Namibian school learners about topics concerning the environment and sustainable development. Mountain View student had the opportunity to go to the museum and receive some information about what Eduventure represents, what work they do, and their goal and objective. The learners also got a tour lesson about climate and the importance of biodiversity. The educators were Eduventure representatives Tauno and Maria


On overall it was successful trip and learners were able to enjoy and learn about some Namibian culture heritage.  Everything was possible due to everyone who partook in this project, firstly the students of Mount View Secondary School who came with great energy and stayed enthusiastic all day.  TOSCO Trust who spend the day with the learners, PAK safaris who sponsored with 3 buses making it possible to collect the learners from their school in Okahandja Park to the different tour points and back to the school. Ministry of Environment and Tourism for their unconditional support, especially thanks to Melba Mabuku for her commitment and support, the Tour Guides particularly Sakeus Kadhikwa from Asmara Tours. A special thank you for the hosts at the different tour points; Heroes’ Acre, The Parliament of Namibia, The National Museum and Eduventure for availing the venues to the learners for their city tour.

Written by Jennifer Ilukena

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