Partners and their appreciation



Leon Kasupi KRCA:

« The Kunene regional Community Conservancies Association its thanks the support received from TOSCO last year 2015 therefore we trust that Tosco support have changed the driving wheel of the Association. The Lion prove kraal constructed in different Cons in Kunene especially in Torra/ Puros and Sesfontein Cons the construction of this kraal its will help the farmers to mitigate the human conflict in the area.”

Travel News Namibia:

This is exactly what TOSCO is – a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that are changing the world. A few years ago a group of tourism operators got together after a pride of lions got poisoned in the North West of Namibia. They realized that those lions were very important for the biodiversity of the environment and essential for tourism in the country, thus they had to contribute to their conservation from then on.”

Lise Hanssen, Kwando carnivore project:

“For the past few years, the Kwando Carnivore Project has received support from TOSCO trust in the form of funding and equipment for field projects.    This support has contributed significantly to our monitoring efforts particularly where sensitive activities such as monitoring hyaena cubs at dens is required.  Through our partnership with TOSCO, we have also had the opportunity of sharing information about the Zambezi Region and our conservation efforts with some of their guests.  We are most grateful for this support from the TOSCO Trust.”

Chris Weaver, director WWF Namibia:

“Dear TOSCO Team, Thanks for such a report and congratulations on your fund-raising on behalf of conservation in Namibia.  It is great to see your commitment and involvement to this sector and a real pleasure to be a partner with you in your efforts.  Keep up the great work.”

Desert Lion conservation:

TOSCO’s very generous contributions are a major boost for the project. It is very impressive is to see how many organizations benefit from your funding initiatives. I am pleasantly surprised to see how successful Tosco has become and what great contribution you have made towards conservation in Namibia. Well done and keep up the good work! The fact that the Desert Lion Project also greatly benefits from it is highly appreciated and I really have to thank TOSCO for this. It certainly is a huge help.”

Dr R. Ramey Desert Elephant Conservation:

“As initiated by TOSCO, we need to build a bridge between different stakeholders in the area, scientists, tourism professionals and local communities to help each other. We want free flow information, an open book with public access.” 

Dr Laura Brown, Desert Elephant Conservation:

The contribution from TOSCO towards fuel for the research project is enormously helpful. The desert elephants of the Kunene are not radio-collared and are spread over enormous distances which require extensive driving. It is critical to maintain data on individual elephants and the movement, activities, and dynamics of herds in this threatened population, especially in locations with high potential for human/wildlife conflict.  Efforts are being made to inform and educate local communities about the elephants in their area, the non-lethal options for deterring elephants from villages and crops, and the potential benefit desert elephants can provide in terms of tourism income. Thank you for helping to protect the unique desert-dwelling elephants of Namibia’s Kunene region.”

Jeff Muntifering, Save the Rhino Trust:

“Save the Rhino Trust and the Rhino ranger program are extremely humbled and honored to have received continuous support from TOSCO for our patrol teams over the past years.”

Russell Vinjevold, IRDNC:

“IRDNC would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to TOSCO for their continued and sustained support of conservation in The Kunene Region. While the actual contributions aiding the direct conservation of our desert adapted lions, rhinos and elephants helps significantly, the importance of the involvement and commitment of all your members is tremendous. Exposing tourists and visitors to Namibia to the challenges of conservation in our country is important. Further, it is great to see a group within the hospitality industry buying into the resource they sell and use with such energy and commitment.“

Dr Philip Stander, Desert Lion Conservation:

“Tourism operators organizing themselves like TOSCO and the contribution it is making to insuring a really sound viable conservation effort is incredible”

Bertus Tjipombo, Puros lion rangers:

“High appreciation to TOSCO about my salary and our equipment to monitor lion situation in our conservancy but we could only do more with a transport, especially at Tomakas. Thanks to provide lion collars that help us to get information about the lion movement”

Stephanie Fennessy, Giraffe Conservation Foundation:

“The Giraffe Conservation Foundation works closely with partners across Africa and internationally to save giraffe in the wild and share the giraffe conservation message globally. We are happy to have found a committed partner in TOSCO who is helping us to raise awareness for giraffe conservation in Namibia”.

François Theart, Snakes of Namibia:

“What a pleasant surprise! TOSCO has sponsored N$ 5000.00 to snake conservation in Namibia! I would like to thank the TOSCO team from the bottom of my heart you guys are amazing! The funds will go a long way in maintaining my vehicle and covering my fuel costs for the next couple months.

Maxi Louis, NACSO chairwoman:

“TOSCO continues to be a valuable partner between Tour Operators and the Conservancies, and NGO’s  and communities in the CBNRM  PROGRAMME . The support by TOSCO members to contribute a trespassing fee or use of the resource in the  conservancies during 2015 prove to be a significant milestone for conservation in communal areas as well as other parts in the country. Conservation is everybody’s business and TOSCO is making that difference, looking forward to work with TOSCO IN 2016!”