• RESEARCH We sponsor scientists who make conservation recommendation to the Minister of Environment and Tourism:
    • Desert Lion Conservation (Dr P.Stander)
    • Kwando Carnivore project (Dr L.Hansen)
    • Namibian Dolphin project (Dr T.Gridley)
    • Desert Elephant conservation (Dr R.Ramey and L.Brown)
    • Giraffe Conservation foundation (Dr J.Fenessy)
  • LIVING WITH WILDLIFE We support people living with wildlife outside of National Parks:
    • Lion rangers and response unit
    • Rhino rangers
    • Conservation contribution (voluntary traversee fees)
    • Anti predator kraals and conservancy support (game guards, waterholes…)
  • PUBLIC AWARENESS We create and develop responsible travel mindset:
    • Information boards in National PArks
    • Responsible Travel brochures
    • Desert Elephant pamphlets
  • CLEAN TRAVEL We clean after our safari from the ground to the air:
    • Carbon offset solution
    • Reusable water bottles
    • Cleanup day



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