We sponsor recognized scientists who preserve species and give conservation recommendations to the Minister of Environment and Tourism: 

Desert Lion Conservation (Dr. P. Stander) 

Desert Lion Conservation, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of desert adapted lions in North West Namibia. Our main focus is to collect important base-line ecological data on the lion population and to study their behavior, biology and adaptation to survive in the harsh environment. We then use this information to collaborate with other conservation bodies in the quest to find a solution to human-lion conflict, to elevate the tourism value of lions, and to contribute to the conservation of the species. For more information:

TOSCO has been closely associated with the Desert Lion Conservation Project since TOSCO was founded in 2012. TOSCO has been sponsoring satellite collars to track the desert lions and general operations including the upgrade of the scientific Mowe Bay base camp and cameras traps.

Desert Elephant Conservation (Dr. R. Ramey and Dr. L. Brown) 

Desert Elephant Conservation promotes the long-term conservation of Namibia’s desert elephant population through research, monitoring and the sharing of knowledge. 

The desert elephants of Namibia’s Kunene Region are a distinctive population adapted to live in an extremely arid environment. They are one of only two populations of “desert” elephants in the world (the others are in Mali, North Africa) and have a number of notable physical and behavioral differences.

Desert Elephant Conservation

For the past year TOSCO is been sponsoring the Desert Elephant Conservation with their vehicle research 

“The 10,000NAD received from TOSCO was well spent on the fuel that is necessary to carry out this long term research and monitoring project. Thanks again, and we look forward to continued support from TOSCO as we enter into our 15th year on this project in 2019.”

Dr. Laura Brown

Skeleton Brown Hyena Project (Dr. E. Verwey)

The Project seeks to advance our understanding of the behavioral ecology and population dynamics of brown hyaenas in the Namib Desert using information drawn from three clans that occupy contrasting habitats along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

Skeleton Coast Brown Hyaena Project

Brown hyaenas are one of the rarest large carnivores in Africa and are currently listed as near threatened on the IUCN Red List. They are only found in Southern Africa, where an estimated 5000-8000 occur across South-Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Namibia. Although their status is ‘insufficiently known’ for Namibia, an estimated 800-1200 brown hyaenas occur throughout the country, with higher densities found in the Namib Desert, making the Skeleton Coast an area of importance to the Namibian brown hyaena population.

In 2018 TOSCO sponsored the Skeleton Coast Brown Hyena Project with a GPS collar. 


“THANK YOU for your support to the Skeleton Coast Brown Hyaena Project and ultimately the brown hyaenas that we know so little of.  The GPS collar bought with your donation will aid greatly in our understanding of brown hyaena movements and home range patterns in the desert. I look forward to a long lasting partnership with TOSCO”

Dr. Emsie Verwey 

Kwando Carnivore Project (Dr. L. Hansen) 

The Kwando Carnivore Project aims to conserve the large carnivores in the Zambezi and Kavango regions through human wildlife conflict mitigation and applied research. The monitoring of large carnivore populations is very important. It is done by using various survey methods which are applied throughout the Zambezi region. This provides long-term information on population trends and highlights conservation issues with regard to large carnivores. For more info: @KwandoCarnivoreProject

Kwando Carnivore Project

TOSCO has been associated to Kwando Carnivore Project for years now and we have been sponsoring the project with infrared camera traps, protection boxes and solar panels.

“I would like
to thank TOSCO for their ongoing support of our work in carnivore conservation in the Zambezi Region. TOSCO have been valued conservation partners of KCP for some years now.

They have provided financial support to keep our project vehicle on the road. This has resulted in us carrying out surveys in both protected areas and conservancies throughout North East Namibia. The result of this field work contributes to species management. Your support is so very much appreciated.”

Dr. Lise Hanssen 

Namibian Dolphin Project (Dr. T. Gridley and Dr. S. Elwen)

The Namibian Dolphin Project is a non-profit research and conservation organization run by several independent scientists and educators. Our mission is primarily to research Namibia’s cetaceans to generate data on these populations that can be used for their conservation through management. Additionally we are increasingly working with the community through our outreach program to increase awareness of the Namibia’s marine life.

For more info:

In 2018 TOSCO sponsored the Namibian Dolphin Project to built the Marine Environmental office.

“The amount awarded (N$20 000) was completely spent on repairing and sealing the old roof, tiling the floor, repainting the inside and outside of the building and fixing the burglar bars. Thanks to TOSCO our office has been functional since March 2018, providing a safe and productive working environment for the NDP staff. Through our Outreach & Education Program, we have presented to over 600 visiting students since March 2018, many of which are from local schools and universities. We also have many tourists visiting our office on a daily basis, eager to learn more about the marine life and diverse ecosystem of Namibia.”

Dr. Simon Elwen

Giraffe Conservation foundation (Dr. J. Fenessy)

An international science-based conservation organisation, that provides innovative approaches to save giraffe in the wild.

The go-to organisation for giraffe conservation that is proactive and reactive, with a strong collaborative and dynamic team working within a network of partners on all levels.

The Leader in supporting a sustainable future for giraffe in/and their natural habitats.

GCF will continue to organically grow and increase awareness to save giraffe in the wild. For more info:

A four-year research led by Emma Hart and supported through the GCF is the main objective in collecting these precious data. In 2017 the project faced a problem, the 18-year-old vehicle which was of great value to the program needed to be replaced because the project relies on a functioning car to travel the 4,500km2 of the research area on a monthly basis. TOSCO contributed 10 000NAD to the GCF and supported the purchase of a new research vehicle.

Snakes of Namibia  (Francois Theart)

The project will focus on whether translocation of snakes is an effective mitigation strategy. This will help to reduce the conflicts between humans and snakes using a collaborative scientific – practical – medical approach for more info:

TOSCO is been closely associated to SCAN since 2015 when TOSCO helped to start the organization with the purchase of equipment, such as tubes and buckets which are used in the rescuing and measurement of snakes.

In 2018, TOSCO had supported Snakes in Namibia project with 3500NAD which was used to the purchasing of one snake tracker. Snakes in Namibia will be implanting translocate and resident snakes with transmitters to document and compare the movement patterns. This study is incredibly important for a national management protocol. @snakesofnamibia

“TOSCO have once again come to the aid of Snakes of Namibia and have kindly donated a tracker to our translocation and spatial ecology research on zebra snakes. Thank you TOSCO for your dedication towards conservation and research.”

François Theart