Huab lion management plan


  • The long-term conservation of desert-adapted lions in the Kunene Region of Namibia is dependant on collecting sound data on their ecology & behavior, implementing successful strategies for the management of Human Lion Conflict (HLC) and promoting sustainable utilization activities, such as “eco-tourism”, to generate benefits to the local inhabitants.
  • Research findings indicate that the lions move between the Huab and Springbok Rivers, and possibly as far south as the Ugab River. The lions have not yet identified with the “stable” food source of the livestock at Krone Pos (e.g. becoming habitual “problem lions”). But, if something is not done soon to protect the livestock from the lions and they continue killing livestock, the lions will become habitual livestock killers.
  • In the Huab River, Torra Conservancy, an opportunity has presented itself for a novel approach to address all the above mentioned points in an effort to solve a HLC problem, save the lions from being shot and promote the tourism value of lions.


The background to the problem at Krone Pos in the Huab River can be summarised by several recent developments.

1) Wilderness Safaris erected a rustic camp close to Krone Pos that is attracting a lot of visitors.

2) Members of the Torra Conservancy established a new cattle post at Krone Pos where large numbers of cattle and goats are being kept.

3) Several lions (at least one male & two females) have moved into the area.

4) The lions have already approached Krone Pos and they have killed a number of cattle and donkeys.

Download the full Huab lion management plan 

TOSCO has created a fund that will be addressed to assist this program and anticipate human/wildlife conflict in this area.

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