Skeleton Coast Signboard

To our sponsors,

TOSCO Trust team installing the new rules board at Ugab Gate,
Skeleton Coast NP

After meeting with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and Dr. Philip Stander from Desert Lion Conservation in August 2018, TOSCO understood the need of organizing informative signboards in the Skeleton Coast Park, in partnership with (MET).
A TOSCO team (Charlotte Hiernard, Anna Carizzoni, Ophélie Pratx and Dorian Jornet) travelled from Windhoek to Mowe Bay between the 02nd and the 04th of March 2019 to install an informative welcome board at the Skeleton Coast Park (Park rules and general information – 1200mm * 800mm). The 9 remaining boards were delivered to the person in charge on site from MET and Dr. Philip Stander. Together they will install them at key locations.

The rest will be erected at:

  • Springbokwasser Gate
  • Ugab Gate
  • Terrace Bay
  • Torra Bay at reception/petrol station – 1000mm * 450mm
  • Hoanib mouth
  • Seal colony

We thank everyone involved in this project as it was a success.

Charlotte Hiernard – Awareness Coordinator +264 81 0320 280,

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