Lion numbers are declining rapidly all over Africa: In the past 50 years lion numbers have plummeted by 80-90% leaving only about 25.000 lions today – maybe fewer than rhino. The fragmented, isolated remaining lion populations have an uncertain future. Some scientists even believe that wild lions could become extinct within the next 10 years. The main reasons for this are: human/ wildlife conflict and the subsequent retaliatory killing of lions, loss of habitat as human populations expand, scarcity of prey – when their prey is poached for bush meat or replaced by livestock, poaching – like rhino horn lion bones have a market in Asia, and unsustainably managed trophy hunting.

Africa does not only stand to lose one of its most iconic and mythological species, but also the millions of dollars tourists spend to see lions in the wild. Therefore, the World Lion Day campaign intends to generate awareness and support for individuals and organizations that are working for the conservation of lions. The first World Lion Day is to be celebrated on 10 August 2013 and is supported by TOSCO Trust in Namibia.

There is hope for the lions: if the livelihoods of those rural people who live close to these fearsome predators are improved, peace between man and lions is possible. Lions have an ecological, symbolic, even spiritual and last but not least economic value, e. g. through tourism. Local people must benefit from the lions’ value, instead of only suffering from their presence through livestock losses or personal injury. The Lion Guardians concept, for example, has been very successful with this. Selected members of a community become Lion Guardians, tasked with keeping lions away from villages and livestock – and thus protecting the lions which have an economic value to the community through tourism. TOSCO Trust, IRDNC and the Desert Lion Project are now trying this concept in Namibia, with very encouraging results. By joining TOSCO Trust, you can support this initiative so that more Lion Guardians can be employed ( In Namibia, we still have 500-800 wild lions in Etosha, Khaudom and in Bwabwata National Parks and, we have a unique population of ca. 120 desert adapted lions in the Kunene Region.

Show your support for World Lion Day in Namibia and you could win a 2-night fully inclusive luxury safari adventure for two at Damaraland Camp sponsored by Wilderness Safaris – worth ca. 15.000 N$! To win, enter the competition!

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Competition Rules – Damaraland Camp

To win a 2-night fully inclusive luxury safari adventure for two at Wilderness Safaris’ Damaraland Camp (

  • Like TOSCO on Facebook (
  • Forward this competition to at least 5 friends
  • Name 2 conservation organisations to support for lion conservation in Namibia
    The answer can be found on the World Lion Day website or on TOSCO Trust’s website Send your answer by e-mail to with the subject line “World Lion Day Competition”. Entries must include your full name, e-mail address and a contact number. The competition closes on Saturday 10 August 2013. The prize will be awarded to one of the senders with the correct answer after the closing date.

IMPORTANT – General Rules:

  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • TOSCO may require proof that the competition has been forwarded to at least 5 friends
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Winners will be announced in due course after the closing date.
  • The prizes are not transferable, nor can they be converted into cash.
  • The prizes include accommodation for two nights for two persons at the specified Wilderness Safaris Camp and full board.
  • All traveling costs and any additional costs will be at the winners’ expense.
  •  Reservation for both prizes is subject to availability based on per person sharing and can be booked 4 weeks before date of travel.
  •  The prizes cannot be redeemed in peak season 15 June – 31 October and or Christmas, New Year and Easter Holidays.
  • Wilderness Safaris reserves the right to request the winner of the prize to choose alternative dates should they receive a full paying booking and require the space booked
  • The prizes must be taken up at a time to suit both the hosts and the winners.
  • Staff members of the host company or organisation sponsoring the prize, their advertising and public-relations agencies, and immediate families may not enter.
  • Settlement of the bid to the account of TOSCO Trust is due immediately after notification. If payment is not received within5 working days, the stay will go to the person with the next highest bid
  • If a response from the winner is required by TOSCO Trust or the host after being notified of their winnings, the winner is required to respond within two months of being notified or they may forfeit their prize if TOSCO Trust or the host see fit.
  • By entering this competition, you agree to your lion picture being used and displayed by TOSCO Trust and to receiving communication from TOSCO Trust.

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