Be part of a community that cares for Namibia’s wild places!

Download file for subscription:

There are Benefits for you as well!


Bank Windhoek – Swakopmund branch 481-772 6 Transaction Account No. CHK 8003175917, Adress: Bank Windhoek Swakopmund, 14 Tobias Hainyeko str, SWIFT – Code: BWLINANX

If you want your funds to be used for a specific project, please mention it on the transfer or by email.

Please contact us for any question regarding the Trust!

TOSCO Trust – Reg. No. T86/12
Cell: +264 (0)81 4535 855
– Website: – PO Box 91159, Windhoek, Namibia

Thank you for your participation but most of all thank you for caring.

TOSCO slogan benefit


3 thoughts on “JOIN US

  1. Hello, a very honouring project! do you have volunteer work with and for the lion? would like to come to Namibia this German summer! Please answer quickly, for i have to organize my flights. Best wishes, Georgina

  2. Hi, i have donated to Tosco before and would like to do it again , can you please advise how .

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