The Case “Rosh” – Lions and Responsible Tourism

On 06 July the Puros lion rangers sent this report on Rosh’s death to TOSCO:

“Dear TOSCO Team

We had a terrible incident where we discover that Rosh was shot to death.  Rosh was born in September 2004 at Uniab river and then move to Hoanib river where he spent time with the lioness of the flood plain and Okongue pride. Continue reading “The Case “Rosh” – Lions and Responsible Tourism”

HUMAN LION CONFLICT mitigation in the Huab

1 lion-proof kraal sponsored

  • Research findings indicate that the lions move between the Huab and Springbok Rivers, and possibly as far south as the Ugab River. The lions have not yet identified with the “stable” food source of the livestock (e.g. becoming habitual “problem lions”). But, if something is not done soon to protect the livestock from the lions and they continue killing livestock, the lions will become habitual livestock killers.


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HUAB LION management plan

After several meeting with Torra Conservancy, local farmers, Tourism lodge, Desert Lion Conservation project and TOSCO, a lion management plan has been redacted in order to get support and fundraising.

We do need help and support to successfully implement this project, do not hesitate!

Open the full Huab lion management plan