TOSCO in numbers

TOSCO was founded in 2012 and there have been remarkable progresses since then.        

Here is a short review on how it has done in regards of membership categories and incomes. 

2012 was the start up and at this point TOSCO had 25 members, with 7 individual members, 17 professional members and 1 Non Profit Organisation (NPO) member.  Reaching an amount of 89,739NAD

TOSCO in 2013 gained 10 individual members and 5 more professional members and 1 NPO member having 41 members in total which is 16 more members in relation to 2012. Meaning an increased of 41% in comparation with the previous year. In terms of revenue, TOSCO increased 49% in comparation with the previous year

In 2014 TOSCO lost 8 of its overall members but continued to increase its incomes by 27%

However in 2015 TOSCO gained 10 more members having in total 43 members and increases its incomes by 16% compared to the previous year.

In 2016 TOSCO had an overall of 44 members which is 1 more member in relation to 2015. And continue growing its income by 16% compared to the previous year

In 2017 TOSCO practically doubles its incomes by 46% with the same amount of members as the previous year.

Last year, 2018 TOSCO had overall of 45 members and increased its income by 32%, reaching almost 1.000.000NAD.

TOSCO celebrates its 7th anniversary in 2019; and looking back we can observe, with great pleasure, all that we have achieved 

Since the adventure began in 2012, TOSCO has had a constant growth in terms of incomes (NAD) reaching in some years to overcome the barrier of 40% (2013, 2017 and 2018)

In the same way we can verify that the fidelity rate is important, we can highlight a difference of only 5 lost members in-between 2014 to 2017.

However, with a positive view we can verify that the members that were left or the new members that have arrived have contributed much more economically speaking to TOSCO.

Information extracted from the 2018 TOSCO’s Activity Report


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2018 TOSCO’s Activity Report