68tamrsk1This report from the lion rangers in the Puros Conservancy raises hopes for the desert lions in the Puros area. Although the “Terrace Male” is not tolerated close to the village, which is more than understandable, the local community is not resorting to killing/poisoning (like it happened not long time ago), but rather makes an effort to chase him away. Let’s give kudos to the Puros community!

This lion ranger report came shortly before the news of three lions poisoned in the Anabeb Conservancy. The lion ranger programme there is still in its infancy.

Today, the lion rangers reported, that the “Terrace Male” is again close to Puros… It is a fragile truce, and one individual could ruin the efforts of many. But everybody will keep on working hard to ensure a future for Namibia’s desert lions.


Puros Conservancy, Lion Ranger Report 20/05/2014


Hope this mail finds you well.We are also doing very well here in Puros it is indeed very cold at the moment. Just an apologies for delaying this report its just that we don’t have access to connections at all times .

The conditions are here and there fine ,but the only challenge that we had is the Terrace male which is visiting Puros very often. And we have been helped a allot by Okahirongo Elephant lodge to monitor the movement and Dr Stander came two times chase the lion away with the help From Puros lions rangers and the Lodge just to get it away from the village and the surrounding of Puros where the people are living and working in day to day activities, and their livestock as well.

And the effort was really helpful as the lion vacate the area . On his journey through Puros the Terrace male killed two donkeys in Puros . Rosh visited Puros as well but it didn’t killed any animal and the lioness were in Tomakas were they killed one horse . Dr Stander told us that the reason why the lions are moving a lot it is because of rain and the movement of games as well and may be when the game settle down the lions may return to their respective Areas .

dscn15141Kind regards

Puros lions Rangers

Bertus Tjipombo


Read more about the Lion Ranger programme here http://tosco.org/2013/09/05/meet-bertus/

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