Your sponsor benefits:
1.       Enhance your image as a responsible tourism operator
2.       Enjoy privileged relationship with program beneficiaries on the field that adds value to your safari
3.       Be part of a conservation community that cares about Namibia wild places!

Download 2017 PROFESSIONAL MEMBER application
Download 2017 INDIVIDUAL MEMBER application





For becoming a TOSCO sponsor you have 4 category options:

  • < 1 500N$ Caracal category
  • < 5 000N$ Cheetah category
  • < 10 000N$ Leopard category
  • > 10 000N$ Lion category

The minimum amount for professional sponsors is 1 500 N$.

There is no minimum amount for individual supporters. The minimum donation to get a TOSCO sticker is 500 N$ for individuals.

100% of individual donations are used for selected projects. Administration fees and an emergency fund are covered by professional sponsors. All the work for TOSCO is done by volunteers without remuneration.

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