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Wildlife conservation in Namibia – Art-Expo by TOSCO


To raise awareness about Namibian wildlife, the challenges of living with wildlife and the role of tourism helping in the human wildlife conflicts. In the other hand we will collect funds through selling wildlife-related art pieces that help TOSCO in supporting conservation projects in Namibia.



The world’s wildlife serves as a true reminder of how wonderful and useful biodiversity is; but the contemporary status of wildlife also shows how fragile our planet is. Conservation of wildlife is important to secure the future of our planet’s biodiversity and our own future generations.

This Expo aims to make people aware of the fact that the wildlife with which we share this planet, is in danger of being lost forever. At the same time, it aims to make people aware that they can play a role in conserving it. Furthermore the expo will show the efforts that people and organizations are already undertaking to decrease these conflicts between wildlife and local communities. Part of this is the often forgotten or misunderstood perspective of the local community on the issue, as it is not easy to live with wildlife and sacrifices often have to be made.


 TOSCO is an organization that represents all responsible tourism companies, guides and travellers who support conservation in Namibia and wish to look after its natural resources and local communities. TOSCO’s resources and funds originate from the public and the tourism industry, including local companies, like Pack Safari or Ecosafari, overseas agencies, guides and individual travellers.

Tourism can be one of the biggest threats to our nature. How ever it can also be an asset for the protection of Namibia’s natural resources, and an innovative tool for conservation in the future. TOURISM SUPPORTING CONSERVATION (TOSCO Trust) takes this approach by using funding from the tourism sector in order to: 

  • Sponsor research
  • Support living with wildlife
  • Raising public awareness
  • Promote clean travel


In addition of the Art – Exhibition we are organizing:

  • Outdoor cinema (The Vanishing Kind) on Wednesday 31 of October at 7pm,
  • Art – Workshop for Kids on Friday 2 of November at 2pm
  • A Craft Market on Saturday 3 of November from 10 am to 3pm

TOSCO will collect funds through the selling of these wildlife-related art pieces.

The money will run to the specific organization that provide the Art-work.


The following partners of TOSCO are involved in establishing the art expo through providing art pieces and information:

  • Desert Lion Conservation
  • Desert Elephant Conservation
  • Brown Hyena
  • EHRA
  • Cheetah Conservation Found
  • Kwando Carnivore Project
  • Save The Rhino Trust
  • Eloolo
  • Team Namibia
  • Pack Safari

The following artists are involved by making their art pieces available for the fundraiser event:

  • Sonia Bergh
  • Annabelle Venter
  • M’kariko Amagulu
  • Ndako Nghipandulwa

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